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    Tim T.

    I have a floating week for a 2bd at Ridge Tahoe. I get the feeling there isn’t much of a market out there for selling, but I think there are also a lot of scammers (sellmytimesharenow ??) who claim there is, take a fee, and then nothing happens.

    The resort company said they’ll take it on to sell at no fee, but it’s a first come, first serve, and they estimate about 2 years to sell. I don’t mind depositing it with a broker who doesn’t charge an upfront fee — the resort recommended one that *might* take it on in a few months — but I might also just give it to charity.


    1. Where is a list of reputable brokers who’ll collect only upon sale and not to exceed sale price — I don’t mind making $0.

    2. How does one go about giving it to charity at no (or little) cost to me?

    Appreciate any help with this.

    Don P.

    I would get on line with the resort at once . You never know when they will take it back .Put your name on the list and hope they take you soon .

    Lance C.

    Yours is a low-value one. Most brokers will charge a minimum $1500 commission and yours is likely not worth that much on the resale market.

    We also advise against using charities because they will charge you thousands of dollars to take it off your hands. Try asking the resort if it will take your unit back.

    Carol P.

    Hi Tex,

    Hopefully your resort will take your unit back. Otherwise you could do the following:

    1: If your timeshare is paid off you could give it away for free on RedWeek or at the Timeshare Users Group (TUG): Or And

    2: It appears your unit floats. You could reserve a good week for next year and rent out your unit until you get rid of it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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