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    Sari P.

    This sentence: These crooks know what they are doing…. I bet there’s lawyers know how to make these scamming systems work. And I honestly believe those real crooks are your own country men running many clubs abroad.

    There’s so many similar clubs in Mexico. I’m a victim of RHC fraud myself. Bought at Wyndham Bahamas though but later seemed to be very Mexican fraud with the only existing service center in Mexico. And as European its a total fraud in my case. I’m not either English speaking, still they scammed me…

    And the biggest fraud was Wyndham + trustee combination in my case. Besides what Bahamas Wyndham got to do with Mexico anyway. The crook artist Julian Farrington though to be smart Im sure by scamming me the way he did at Wyndham Crystal Palace Bahamas. But it was mainly because of my lack of English.

    If you guys want to understand what this fraud is all about, I have written a lot to the topic: Royal Holiday club is a scam. I only see these systems so similar.. The principal. And sorry bout my English skills. I’m aware how stupid I sound once in a while. Wish I could explain issues with my own language which is Finnish.

    The big fraud is the combination.. Where those memberships are sold, all the information in contracts, like who you guys signed with.. Affiliates.. Trustees.. Hotels.. Financial Services..

    Leanne N Santos T.


    Don P.

    NEVER pay anyone money upfront to get out of your contract. Attorney and paralegal scams are ways to steal money from you. They claim they can get you out of your contract for a large upfront fee. All they want is your upfront fee. NEVER use an attorney that you find on the internet. There are qualified attorneys right where you live that you can walk into their offices and talk to them. NEVER give money to someone on the internet claiming to be an attorney that can help you. Once your money is in their pocket they disappear.

    Leanne N Santos T.

    I feel so stupid… we all know if it sounds to good to be true well then it is… LESSON LEARNED….thanks for the info

    Ted F.

    I was deceived: On November 6th, 2012, my girlfriend and I (Stacey Brigham and Ted H. Franse) attended a sales presentation at the NH Krystal resort in Cancun Mexico, The first sales representative that we were introduced to gave a brief tour of the resort. (although no rooms were available to show due to remodeling, so they say) we found it kind of odd why he wanted to know not [1] once but [2] twice how long we were staying in Cancun? [The probe] we told him that we were leaving in a few days and as the tour continued and Roy began to explain to us what RCI was about and also talked about all the places that our family could vacation at around the world sensing that we were not that interested, he then introduced us to a second sales representative. [The switch off]

    This sales person knowingly and intentionally, lured us in on the idea of buying into this [Vacation Club Investment] for generating income and by letting them rent out these weeks to Conventional Attendees across the street and by depositing the weeks with a timeshare rental company. (Continental Connections was the rental company that he / they said to contact and that was who they set us up with). The Quality Assurance Manager GUARANTEED that they would be renting all 15(power weeks) weeks all at once to convention and golf tournaments attendees and etc. We were promised that we could get back at least if not more than $10,500; which by far would cover the entire cost of program and more. I knew that we could not get rich from this offer and it sounded good.[Bait] They also “assured us / me” that the weeks would be rented no less than 5 weeks a year and may even take a little longer. I was still skeptical and reluctant to sign the contract, but the only reason we went in the first place, was that they would be taking a timeshare I had and take that off my hands. Then they also said that in addition to this “Investment opportunity” we would also be included access to what he said was NH Krystal exclusive travel club ICE (International Cruise and Excursions). He said that as a member of this travel club our vacations would be unlimited and that we could use this membership as often as we liked. Our family could vacation all over the world, and the club offered reduced rates that would give us 20-40% off airfare. It was also said that we would pay no more than $399 per week for accommodations that could sleep up to 10 people for future travel world-wide which was especially appealing to us, since I / we travel a lot.

    The assurance manager said that the annual membership fee for ICE is $199, but because he said he liked us so much he said would be waiving ICE the fee for the first (2) two years. When we asked if we could purchase ONLY the ICE travel club and not the “investment opportunity” and He said No, and that the club is ONLY available exclusively to NH Krystal Vacation Club members. This travel club sounded great to us, since the cost of traveling with our whole family easily exceeds $399. We were GUARANTEED an income generating “Investment”, discounted vacations with ICE.

    During the purchase process Krystal disclaimed their guarantee to the rental income, The assurance manager noticed my pause as I read the sentence, but quickly explained that the Krystal lawyers stated that they could not include that clause since the renting out there{Vacation Club} are handled by the broker (Continental Connections). ”WE” specifically told Him that the only way I would even consider this deal, that they purchase my current timeshare from “Hyatt”. They agreed to take my Hyatt timeshare as part of the deal. Needless to say that this sales presentation was supposed to take only 90 minutes but winded up taking a little over five (5) hours, this is how pressed they were for our business!! This purchase turned out to be nothing, but a scam. We / I did not get my 15 weeks, which was the actual program I purchased. For what I ended up paying just over $2,850 US dollars, charged on my Harley card. I also had to pay $695 to “Continental Connections” to list those 15 weeks and they charged $695 dollars, on my Harley card. That ended up being a total scam too. I was also provided the opportunity to buy back my Hyatt timeshare for $1,000, which I did, on my Capital One Credit Card. Now, had I known they really never sold me anything, I ended up getting scammed out of that $1,000 dollars, too. A person named Hans directed us into an office and had me speak with a broker on the phone at Continental Connections for the Resale and Rentals that he (Hanz) personally called. Hans had me speak with the broker to confirm a date and time that he (the broker) could call us when arrived back to the US in regards to preparing our 15 weeks to be made available for rental. Hans and the broker both reassured us and guaranteed us that there would not be problem renting out the 15 weeks. [Lie]

    Hans was very charming and smooth and said we were special and that he generally doesn’t go out his way for his clients like this period!! He also mentioned that by taking care of us we would send him referral’s when we returned to the U.S. I mean he went above and beyond, by inviting us back to the resort after we purchased this so call “Vacation Club investment” and that this was {A LIGITEMENT} deal and we had nothing to worry about.. [Lie] he then gave us tickets for a swim with the dolphins trip. This man!! Befriended US we really thought he was genuine and that this was a ”LEGINTIMATE PURCHASE” and a good investment that would benefit our family, we were really excited about it. Hans offered what we thought was a ”perfect solution” as he stated NH Krystal as an “investment” opportunity with there so called Vacation Club, and in addition our package included an affordable way for our family to travel around the world. (Which we would have been perfectly satisfied with purchasing WITHOUT buying the time share, but were told we were not able to). Before I knew this was all a scam, I was contacted by I.C.E. I paid a $2,999 cost and a fee of $399 and 18 payments charged to my Harley card for $153.44 dollars. Now I cannot get access to my I.C.E. account and they are also requesting more money. The manager’s name was Maxine (888-320-4234 ext. 4319),

    I’ve already been screwed for over $8,000 dollars, so I do not planned to get screwed for more money.

    When we arrived back home to the United States the broker from Continental Connections as scheduled called to obtain information so that our “Investment” property could listed and made available for renting immediately. (Yet during the presentation in Cancun Hanz failed to disclose that the broker would require a $695 broker fee). Continental Connections sent me a contract to sign, in the contract, it said it would be listed 24/7 and 365 days a year. It never was, listed. They stated and have on their paperwork that they have been a broker for over 75 years and will have no problem renting all my 15 weeks.

    I would periodically contact the folks at Continental Connections to see what, if anything was happening and I was instructed, nothing yet. Eventually I attempted to contact them, and they are nowhere to be found. No emails, no replies, phone numbers no longer work. I later found tons of complaints after complaints after complaints, on the internet from customers just like myself I, being made the same promises and guarantees and NH Krystal not delivering on them, My heart fell to the floor, as I realized that we had also become a victim of the same scam, lies and deception. Well Maxine said that ICE is SEPARATE from NH Krystal and that even if I cancelled my contract with NH Krystal, I would still be able to enroll in the ICE travel club. So NH Krystal and Hanz LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Knowingly and intentionally)

    I contacted the brokers Continental Connections for resale and rentals and spoke with the customer service manager Contratos, who of course said that they cannot and did not make these guarantees, and that I should contact NH Krystal. I have sent several emails to Mr. Ray Rubio ph# 011 52 99 88 48 98 00 ext 703 and Laura Gonzalez ph# 011 52 99 88 48 98 00 ext. 728 and have sent tons of emails to their Quality Assurance person “Martha Gonzalez”. They are not able to be contacted or reached.

    The NH Krystal Cancun sales tactics are intentional, unethical, fraudulent, deceitfully and misleading, this type of action is illegal. I am requesting all charges to my Harley Card and Capital One Credit cards be reversed. Basically this contract was built on lies, and was presented to us as a property investment with high profit returns. NH Krystal and Hanz deliberately an intentionally deceived us and also hid that fact that we had option to purchase the ICE travel club without buying into their so called “Investment opportunity”.

    The existence of fraud is prevalent and should be cause for this contract to be voided. Had we seen these complaints prior this we would have walked away, better yet ran away from them when we first arrived in Cancun Mexico and were approached by NH Krystal representatives at the airport.

    As a consumer we have the right to receive sufficient and truthful information about the products acquired (articles 32, 33, & 34 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law of Mexico. Because the NH Krystal purposely misrepresented their product.

    “To constitute fraud the misrepresentation [or omission] must be made knowingly and intentionally, not as a result of mistake or accident; that is, that the person either knew or should have known of the falsity of the misrepresentation [or the false effect of the omission], or that he made the misrepresentation [or omission] in negligent disregard of its truth or falsity.”

    I am flying to Cancun on January 2nd 2016 to try and get in the Hotel, and see if I can politely convince them to give my money back. Sincerely,

    Ted H. Franse The Cardholder.

    Lance C.

    Krystal is a big Fraud!!

    Sadly, your story is all too common. Since you bought over three years ago, your rights of rescission have long passed and you likely will not be getting any money back. That being said, here are some suggestions I have for someone in your shoes so that you do not lose any more money.

    1) If it hasn’t happened already, watch out for the infamous resale scam. They especially target owners in Mexico. It usually starts with a phone call confirming what you own. Then, when that’s confirmed, they get you all excited telling you they can sell or rent out your unit for a huge whack of money. Then they tell you that you have to pay some sort of an upfront fee or tax to close the deal.

    2) Watch out for the “get you out of your timeshare” scam. In this case, usually you will see Google ads or shill postings telling you that they can “cancel” your timeshare and maybe even sue the resort or sales crew. They will ask for a huge upfront fee and do little or nothing for you.

    3) Law firms or other companies claiming they can get all your money back because you bought based on fraud. While you might legally be able to get your money back because of fraud, the tough part is proving that fraud was involved. It’s usually a matter of you said, they said. Unfortunately, that does not hold up in court.

    Ted F.

    Bummer. What about getting my money back on the I.C.E. portion of deal. I.C.E. sucks. I’ve tried it twice and the places were absolute dives. The last one was in Barbados. We ended up going to another Resort.

    Since I will be in Cancun. I guess it can’t hurt trying to request some money back. Guess, they can only tell me to leave. It really sucks that they can get away with this all.

    James G.

    Good day! My name is James Gardiner from Canada and am at the Krystal in Cancun right now February 21,2016. I signed up for an ICE membership $2400 after enduring a battle of five sales people & five hours of refusing everything else and was told by Ricardo & Enrique that after 45 days it would be activated after we pay $850.00 to ICE. Pretty sure after reading your comments I have been screwed! The documents indicate that I can cancel this agreement within five days. Something to do with Mexican law. Not sure if that’s even correct based on your comments on the lies & deceit these people use. How did you make out in January? Any other advice or ideas you may have will be appreciated. I am leaving here on February 24, 2016. I am going into there office in the morning to hand deliver a cancelation letter and will call Visa and see if they can work something out for me. GOD ALMIGHTY I wish someone would hang these people. Have a nice day. MY heart is with you.

    Don P.

    Make sure you get some kind of receipt that you gave them a cancellation notice. Take a picture on your cell phone with date and time. Bring a witness. Whatever you have to do to prove that you gave them proper notice.

    James G.

    OK good advice. Thanks.

    Luis T.

    did you get your money back? i got same deal but still need to pay them 1500 i didnt know about the broker fee and the aditional fee for the ice i think it was free…..

    Luis T.

    Just got back from cancun and overall was very nice the tours but i mistakenly enrolled with this guys did not think because it was so good saved all year to get this vacations now i am broke paid 1085 for the contract and 1100 the down and they are calling for 1576. and i havent had the ice discount at front until the 45 days. Did any body got their money back? they dont explain about the broker and the additional fee for the ice. to me they give me the ice life time still not feel comfortable with this decision

    Lucinda W.

    On May 17, 2016, my husband and I attended one of the “90-minute” sales presentations hosted by Krystal Resorts, Cancun. We are both educated and intelligent people who have attended such presentations in the past, but when weighing the costs-vs-benefits of time-share ownership, have always opted out of committing to ownership. In this case, however, our salesman German made a very compelling presentation based upon a “vacation package” offered exclusively by Krystal Resorts called the ICE Rewards program. According to German, if we purchased a time share condo with Krystal Resorts, we could also purchase a lifetime membership in the ICE Rewards program for $875. He assured us that this program offers guaranteed lowest rates on airfare (40% off the lowest published rates), cruises (50% off lowest published rates) and hotels ($199 per week if booked one-month or less in advance, and $399 per week if booked three months out from travel). When queried about what hotels this included, we were informed that it included all the international hotels listed on the ICE website (per German this included the Hilton, Hyatt and Radisson). We asked him to show us what hotels specifically were available for $199 in London, England at that particular week and he pulled up a long list of hotels comparable to those listed on This offer had great appeal to me as I book a great deal of student travel and getting the guaranteed lowest rate would be beneficial to my job. I had no interest in the timeshare contract, however, and indicated this quite clearly to the sales staff.

    German informed us that the ICE program was only available if we purchased a time share studio at Krystal resorts for $18,000 for 25 weeks of rental and with an annual maintenance fee of $625. The full contract was for 25 years at one vacation week per year, but we were given the option to rent up to five weeks annually through their rental agency Latitude 21. We were guaranteed that IF the condo rented, we would receive $1,250 per week of rental ($6,250 – the annual maintenance of $625, per German’s math or $5,625). According to German, the cost of the time-share would pay for itself in rental income. I was concerned by the verbiage of our contract (section 8) which indicated that maintenance fees must be paid in advance for each week of rental. When I specifically asked German, what happens to the 20 remaining weeks of maintenance fees if we rent or use all 25 weeks of our timeshare in the first five years, he assured us that “it goes away.” I clarified, “you mean we don’t have to pay it?” and he assented that this was correct. I also asked if we could book up to nine rooms simultaneously in one year, say for a destination wedding and he assured me this would be no problem. After clarifying the muddied sections of the contract verbally with the salesman, we signed in good faith. We were never informed of how we might extricate ourselves if we had a change of heart on the contract. Less than two weeks after signing a contract with Krystal, we were contacted by the listing agent and asked to pay the “listing fee of $675.” To date, there is no evidence that the condo has ever been listed for rental. Our ICE Rewards program did not activate until 51 days after we signed our contract (over a week later than promised).

    All aspects of the sales pitch were a lie. The ICE Rewards program can be purchased separately on an annual basis for just a few hundred dollars a year. It does not offer hotel rooms for $199 and $399 per week in major cities across the globe, nor are the rates any cheaper than or It has a handful of bargain hotels (six when I looked in July) that were offered at comparable low rates, in undesirable locations like Grenada and Gatlinburg, TN. In fact, in comparison, the rates at the same hotel for the same period in London, England were $15 per night higher on the ICE web site than at When I pointed this out to the ICE customer service staff, they made no effort to match the price but did finally acknowledge my right to withdraw from the program since I was within the ten-day trial period.

    I was not so lucky with the Krystal Resort customer service staff. When I pointed out the deception involved with their sales tactics they simply said that I “signed a contract.” I then requested to book nine rooms for January 2017 per my contract in order to extricate myself from the time share as soon as possible. I was told that I could only book nine rooms if there was availability and that I only had priority booking for one room. Furthermore, I would have to pay the $625 maintenance fee nine years in advance to reserve the rooms that I could not be guaranteed. So, German’s assurance that using my weeks in advance would cause my maintenance fee to “go away” was also false. After doing my own math given this situation, I determined that I would be paying Krystal Resorts $200 a year to not use the condominium, assuming that I would be able to rent it regularly, which is doubtful. When I requested to quit claim deed the condo back to Krystal and walk away from the $6000 I had already sunk into the down payment and closing costs, they informed me that my contract said I was responsible for 40% of the remaining cost of the time share or an additional $7200.

    It is my interpretation that by international law, a contract is only binding if both parties understand the stipulations of the contract and any explanation involves complete disclosure on the part of the contractor. If deception is used to misrepresent the articles of the contract, the contract is no longer binding. I would assert that Krystal Resorts used deception and fraudulent sales tactics to trick me into signing a contract that I did not fully understand. When I asked specifically for clarification, I was given deliberate misinformation. I fully intend to sue the company for its fraudulent business practices and warn anyone considering purchasing a time-share with Krystal of the dangers of working with this company. Certainly, do not purchase a condominium only to join the ICE Rewards program, however, as you would be far better off with the cheap annual membership than committing to a lifetime membership with time-share strings attached.

    Don P.

    Beware of any company that claims they can get you out of your contract. There are a few scammers out there posting in the forums claiming they can do just that. They specifically target people who purchased timeshares in Mexico. Keep posting on social media so hopefully you might save someone else from becoming a victim.

    John M.

    We were nailed just the same. Howdo we get out of this mess. Do we just stop paying, i think note because they have arranged payment thru a us bank corp for the monthly payments.

    Are there any suggestions dto getting out of this ongoing scam?

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