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    Alice L.

    The following describes our encounter with NH Krystal Cancun on September 2008. Upon arriving at Cancun airport we were greeted near the airport exit by DIEGO CARBALLO SANDOVAL. He offered us free tickets in exchange to attend a “free breakfast”. When we asked if this was for a time share, he said no, it was not. At the hotel, their salesman ERIC GUERRERO offered to sell us membership to their Krystal International Vacation Club (KIVC). When we asked again if this was a time share, he said no, it was not, it was a “vacation club” and “something better.” After breakfast, he showed us his program and he offered us 13 Power Weeks and 17 K-Plus Weeks at Krystal, HE GUARANTEED that we could rent those weeks for $700 USD per week. Then, he made offers like: (A) He described this as a good investment opportunity because we could get all our initial payment back and more within 3 years. (B) He said also there were no annual maintenance fees and we would only pay when we use our weeks. (C) We could rent a room at all the expensive hotels in the R.C.I. book for just $399USD per week for up to 6 people. (D) We can sell my friend´s time share in Las Vegas for a good market value and the proceeds from that would repay our money back for the purchase of the KIVC membership. When we asked again if the rental money is guaranteed, their salesman ERIC GUERRERO said it was GUARANTEED. He said that their partner Regal Rentals and Resales would be able to list and rent out our weeks with no problem. It was too good to be true, so we decided to sign the paperwork. To our dismay, all the benefits their salesman Eric Guerrero said we would get with the KIVC membership were turning out to be untrue. We felt completely betrayed and worry constantly that the sensitive information we gave them during the purchase of the membership would be abused, we were DECEIVED and LIED TO with their DECEITFUL SALES PRACTICES and MISLEADING INFORMATION. We called Krystal to complain, the Quality Assurance manager RAY RUBIO took our call, he denied the existence of any such promises and he was rude to us.

    Mike N.

    Unfortunately this is a typical scenario when selling Mexican timeshares. However, most salespeople use many of these same lies. The bottom line is if it isn’t in the written contract, then it does not apply.

    What amazes me is that when we bought our first TS (yes overpriced from a developer) we had to initial a paper indicating the saleswomen told us that we were buying a week at a resort and it was NOT an investment, nor were there any promises of profits on renting or selling.

    Phil L.

    People will go on vacation without any thought of buying a timeshare and just get caught up in the moment and mess up. Others have thought about a timeshare for their family and still don’t do their homework.

    All of these people buy and then check out these forums to ask questions like did I screw up buying from the developer. Why don’t they backup all the promises they made even though we didn’t make them put it in our contract.

    Most people would not buy a house or car like this so why would they do it for a timeshare they probably know nothing about except it looks nice the first few days we are staying here!


    Mike N.

    Even if they did buy a car in this manner, I doubt that anyone listens to the salesperson has he/she says, “Yup, this big ol’ Ford F-250 get 30 mpg on the highway and better yet, in 5 years yoiu can resell and make a big profit”.
    Phil, did you see the post re Resort Condos Plus? I guess I’m on someone’s @#&* list

    Well… I’m off on vacation, I’ll “see” you in a week or two. Enjoy Tahoe.

    Phil L.

    Mike I did see the post and wanted nothing to do with wasting my time dealing with this idiot obvious a shill or owner! Give yourself credit that you are on the list but didn’t give him money to get there!

    His or her babbling was funny and I’m sorry to hear you and jayjay have been let go from your jobs and just sitting home bashing this company. But at least your getting unemployment. I don’t understand how you can afford these vacations you two keep taking on small amount of money your collecting on unemployment each week? LMAO

    By the way who was your past employer this person is talking about? Guess as stated by this moron you two have no work ethics or moral standards.

    That whole post was funny because its always idiots like this one that starts off trying to cover the scamming company and then the insults start.

    I will argue with the best of them when I think I’m right but this clown is just not worth wasting my time on! All anyone has to do is go back and read the post from some of their past clients.

    I do have one question,is there a law in any state that one person or company can not sell property belonging to another without charging any upfront fee?

    These parasites always throw this law out there as why they charge this fee when most of us sane people understand the charge is their running money(means they get it and run).


    Mike N.

    Just wait until Obama’s social programs kick in. I’ll be able to afford several more timeshares all on the backs of taxpayers.

    I agree, all these guys need to do is provide the reference to the law so we can look it up ourselves. Have you noticed these shills NEVER respond after their first tirade?

    Avi F.

    1. Michael, our salesperson promised us a code number that we will be able to put in at any airfare ticket sites on the internet as a whole seller and therefore getting discounts on air fare for up to “65% of the original price” (according to him). He even showed us a demo of how he goes to a site name Kayak and on the bottom of the site, they had a place where you needed to put this code in and to get a discount of more than 50% on the list price. BOTH ME AND MY WIFE SAW THIS WITH OUR OWN EYES. Since then, we constantly were asking thousands of times for this code only to find out that this was a LIE.( LIE#1) 2. The reason that we purchased this timeshare was for an INVESTMENT ONLY. Michael approached us with this deal as an investment. We discussed with Eduardo the same fact and so did we with you. We had nor do we have now a reason to purchase a timeshare for our own use. 3. At the discussion, Michael and afterwards Eduardo have told us specifically that once we sign the contract with you, Continental Corporation has already rented the room for the rest of the season therefore we will be paid the sum of $21,000 on November 1, 2012 (LIE #2). 4. At the discussion about Concord Corporation, it was mentioned by Michael “YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING, THEY DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU”. After we spoke to Concord Corporation, we understood the reality that Concord’s only function is to advertise the availability of the unit, and even that has to be paid by us. A fact that was never mentioned (LIE#3)!!! 5. Lloyds Corporation in England has nothing to do with this transaction. THE LLOYDS CORPORATION WHICH YOU REFERRED US IN THE TRANSACTION HAS ITS MAIN OFFICE IN PANAMA CITY AND IS A COMPANY OF SHARLETAN’S THAT PROMISED US A GAIN OF 23% RETURN ON MY INVESTMENT EVERY YEAR. Something that everybody knows is a FRAUD after Berney Madoff’s scam !!! (LIE#4) 6. We discussed this issue with the United States Council in Cancun and the Mexican council in New York City. Both of them are aware of your scam and are currently working on a legal way to put a stop to it!

    Tara G.

    Krystal is a big Fraud!!

    Hi, I had a problem with my timeshare, it is not the same one you are having, but i did get help. I dont know what the people that helped me can do but if you want i can give you the info.. I at first was hesitant, but i checked them out, the company and the lawyer.. it all checked out, and they gave me references of people they already helped.. the guy i talked to was really nice and felt bad for me.. and to be honest i was not nice to him at first.. after i got lied to i automatically thought he was trying to weasel me out of more money. but he was understanding and there was no presser, as a matter of fact he told me to check them out and call him back if i felt comfortable doing so.. i was desperate, so i did a little research and felt like they could really help. either way good luck, i hope you get your money back, and/or justice..

    Kat V.


    I am so sad to hear about this scam and feel like such a fool because i should have listened to my boyfriend. Michael pretty much said the same thing to us. Anyway, did you ever receive the code for the great discounts through platinum rewards???? I assume not. Did you cancel all your credit cards and such and cancelled the contract as well. Can they mess up our credit reports??? if you can help with any of these let me know. i just signed this 5/3/13 so i am trying to figure out what to do now.

    thank you

    R P.

    Be very careful about hooking up with any entity claiming they can get you out of a timeshare contract in MX ….. most are scams and just want your money.

    The safest thing to do is contact PROFECO (the consumer advocacy agency in MX) if you think you’ve been defrauded and file a report with them. You can google for conact info.

    April H.

    yes we got scammed at krystal Puerto Vallarta, first time to mexico, 3rd day, went to the super market down the street, and the nightmare began although we didn’t know it then, we have been trying to cancel our contract, but they refuse,even when we are willing to lose monies already invested, they don’t like you saying you’ll bad mouth them on the internet, and informed us they have lawyers. I think we’ll just stop payment on our master card, we have mastercard acting on a dispute already, but I’ve heard that may not work. I am having a breakdown over this, they should be sued for emotional distress, let alone financial distress. Any helpful information how to deal with these bastards would be greatly appreciated, Thank You April and Larry

    Daniel T.

    We went through the same thing in Costa Rica with CocoSunset Vacation Club, Bahia Turquesa and now it has another name. We had overwhelming evidence of fraud but Visa did not agree with us. You will probably loose evry cent you have in this. Our attorney said to walk away and use it as a learning lesson. Sorry for the bad news. We fought for over 6 months with BBB, Attorney General and Visa but we lost the battle. These crooks know what they are doing.

    R P.

    Unless fraud is in your written contract then it can’t be proven …. what’s verbally told you in a presentation has no bearing in a court of law …. it’s the contract that counts.

    Alla S.

    To tarag:

    I’m in the very same predicament it appears so many others are in. I read your post and saw a glimmer of hope — Were you able to recoup the full cost of the timeshare? If so, can you share the name of the lawyer/agency you reached out to? How high were their fees, etc?


    Macrina N.

    It’s long time ago but the trick still in use. It’s true what you said how they did it and unfortunate it’s still in practice, The only good news is that today most of people heard already about the frauds with the timeshares and it isn’t that easy any more as it happened to us in 1992 for our honeymoon we were so naïve hat my husband gave them six thousand cash right in the spot. Well is past and we just need to talk about and let the young couple to be alert. When I rent my weeks I tell everybody no to let them convince and never to buy anything. Thanks for your comment.

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