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    I am looking to rent a timeshare, and I asked the seller if the rental was legitimate and not selling an exchange from RCI or II, and here is what he said:

    “It is a purchase I made. I will call the exchange company; and have your name added to the certificate, in place of mine. I currently have this stay in my name.

    I am not sure what you’re talking about illegal. People pay to change certificates all day long.”

    Does anyone know what type of rental this is? If it is a purchase he made is it a legal rental for me to purchase? For what it’s worth this is for a Vistana resort.

    Thank you for the help.


    Nope – RCI and Interval do not allow any of their products to be rented. The Guest Certificates that you can buy are supposed to be for guests – not renters.


    It sounds like it is an exchange. A lot of people rent them out. It is against the rules. Many people and never get caught. Others do it and get caught. Many people who do it refuse to believe that it is against the rules or believe they will never be caught or punished. There always is a risk when renting an exchange or getaway and that risk is increased if the person is advertising on public rental sites and forums.


    Thank you. I will not be renting from this individual.


    It appears from what he said, that he owns the interval. Why he’s calling the exchange company, and not the resort to have the new user listed as the authorized user is the mystery to me. But it seems the OP has made his decision.



    It’s tough, I offered a friend of mine who was going to Orlando and paying thousands to stay at Disney to book a getaway, I was going to have them pay with their card and pay for the certificate for the unit to be In their name. I was wondering if that would be an issue. I didn’t think so since they were using their card to pay. In the end the dates they booked didn’t work for any getaways at the resorts they wanted. I don’t think having a friend book would be an issue would it?


    This is the deal: If you are occasionally, quietly, renting to friends and family, you will probably be OK. But if you are advertising on the internet to strangers, they will eventually catch you, and then there will be consequences. Most commonly, your account gets frozen for 6 months. The most common way to get busted is that your renter calls the exchange company to verify their rental, or someone realizes what you are doing and calls the exchange company and reports you.


    I’ve done this for friends and family on both RCI and II. I’ve even paid using my card and have them reimburse me. I don’t do it for any profit… except maybe the points I get for using my credit card.

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    Yes, don;t rent these to strangers. If they are your friends and family you can tell them, “Don’t tell them you paid me for this, rented this, etc. They don’t want me renting it out but they charge me for a guest certificate, so just say you are my guest. But is this the most amazing deal ever? You’re welcome.”:D

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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