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    Hi, I recently (Saturday) attended at BlueGreen Promotional sessions, and walked out purchasing a 5,000/year point plan. From the presentation and the sales discussion, it seemed like a great idea. Upon returning home, I was able to look up online about BlueGreen Vacations, and almost everything that I can find indicates it’s a scam, lies, everything is overbooked and hard to schedule.

    Now, I know that most people will post their horrible experiences, and few to none will post their good experiences with the company. After reading so many negative reviews, I can’t help to feel a little buyers remorse, which may not even be justified. Thus, I am on here to see what some of your opinions are.
    I have to look at my paperwork, because I do remember something that said I had 5 days to cancel.

    Please let me know your experiences, and recommendations.


    Sally Hoover

    It’s not a bad system but 5000 points bought from the developer is going to be overpriced and you won’t be able to get very much with so few points. You should rescind and then do some more research to see if bluegreen is really the system that will work best for your travel needs and then look into the resale market and the authorized reseller pinnacle if you want some of the developer perks like bonus time throughout the system.


    Thank you Sally for your honest opinion. I am very new to this timeshare thing and want to make sure that I get something that will be beneficial for my family and not a hassle.

    Another question… In order to rescind, I need to generate a letter informing that I want to use my right to cancel this contract before the state regulated time by the state of MO. Is there anything else that I need to do? Maybe write cancel on all the documents that signed and date them next to my cancel signature? Also, send everything back via certificated USPS before the 5 days?

    Any other input that you might have would be helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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