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    Michiel W.

    Follow up…they did call me back and refunded the $120 i paid. She said she was told to call me back and refund me by someone upper. I think maybe they heard the recording of the call and heard me say that I would publicly post my experience everywhere I could. Still doesn’t change the taste in my mouth.

    Dee S.

    I am currently battling Bluegreen after spending nearly $18,000 on something I cannot use because I cannot book where or when I need to. We were told lies and given false information about the entire membership. I have yet to use my points. The only thing they told me was to buy more points because premier would give me advantages over 80% of the other members. This is a scam and you will be paying a high interest rate mortgage for non-real property. Do not believe them when they say you can refinance it. You can’t!!!! They refused to help me and ignored my calls and emails. I had to get an attorney. Then they said they could not help me since I have legal representation and to have the attorney contact them.

    Bluegreen has yet to return the attorney’s calls and demand letters. I have PAGES and PAGES worth of complaints regarding the lies they told me. Due to the pending legal action, I will not go into further details, but do stand you ground with them regarding your complaint! Please, if you have issues with Bluegreen, contact the BBB in Florida where Bluegreen is based. Also, contact the consumer protection division at the Attorney General’s Office in your state and/or the state where you purchased your package. Bass Pro sued Bluegreen and broke their partnership due to Bluegreen sales tactics and breach of contract until a high dollar deal was agreed to. Bluegreen stocks have fallen considerably since I signed up in July 2018. At that time, the stock was 25.25; however, today the stock 11.22 with a low of 7.79 on July 7th.

    I filed a complaint with the BBB; however, since Bluegreen answered me, they closed my compliant. Also, since I filed a complaint, I can not leave a review. The BBB will decide if they will post my complaint or not. I can not fathom how a business with nearly 900 complaints (over 300 the past year) can still maintain an A+ rating because they answered the complaints. Be vigilant in your complaints. Although the person who is hired to answer the complaints has no idea what was said, they will try and deny there was any wrong doing. Bluegreen needs to be held accountable.

    Don P.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of capitalism .

    Kate S.

    worst company ever. we realized that it was a big scam after all. we bought the “package” at bass pro shops for $199 and were promised $100 visa gift card and $50 bass pro shops gift card after we finished their “presentation”. We booked the stay at Boyne mountain resorts right away for a 3 night stay and were excited and happy and everything was going fine. we drove for 6 hours and finally got to the destination (exhausted and wanting to go to our room so we could rest), went into the Bluegreen office and were asked to sign a bunch of papers including our income and other information. By accident (being pretty tired from a 6 HOUR drive) I marked the first income box (0-39999) thinking that it said 0-399999 (we found out later than this little mistake would be irreversible as if we were signing something this important). The “nice” ladies didn’t say anything to us to signal that we might of made a mistake, she just told us to sign a bunch of other stuff, not telling us what each one was for. after about 15 minutes of signing papers, out of no where she tells us that we have to leave tomorrow because we “don’t meet the criteria”. we were shocked and tried asking what the thing we didn’t meet was but all she said was that we didn’t meet it (she didn’t even tell us that it was because of the income mistake). and trust me I tried hard for them to just tell us what the problem was, all she did was give us a paper with a bunch of “criteria” and told us to read it over and see what the thing we didn’t meet was. so we took it back to our hotel and called costumer service and spend at least 4 hours talking to them trying to solve the issue but sadly all they could tell us was that we either needed to provide proof of our income (even though we already filled out the correct income at bass pro shops prior to purchasing the package) or we could stay for the remainder of the 2 more day but we’d have to pay $300 extra. How would I know to bring my username and password to the irs website when going on a vacation and they know this pretty well. they know that no one will have proof of their income so they could rip them off. We tried soooo many times to fill out the paper again but they didn’t let us. I don’t know why they made it such a big deal for such a tiny mistake and wouldn’t let us fix it but I have a pretty good idea. we even tried to get our money back or even the gift cards we were promised but nothing worked. we went back to the office a couple of times and they kept telling us that they explained everything to us, which they didn’t. there was a camera there and we urged them to open the tape so we could see who was lying and who wasn’t, but they kept changing the subject and ignoring our request every time we mentioned the camera, because they knew for a fact that we were right. Don’t buy any “package” from this company, they just wanted us to make a small mistake so they could do this, it’s all a big scam. the ladies at Boyne mountain in Michigan were not helpful at all and when asked to speak to the manager, she could “call” him but wouldn’t let us hear him or speak to him so I’m pretty sure she was lying. By the way, their names were Barbara (the supervisor) and the other one was Stephanie. we only saw the supervisor when checking in and after we complained about the mistake we went back a couple of times but she “wasn’t there” but I’m pretty sure she was hiding. this company is all a big scam, just read the other reviews. After that one day at Boyne, we left and got another hotel somewhere else because we were forced to book another hotel, it wasn’t worth it to drive back 6 more hours. Also, we got a crappy hotel with no waterpark passes. Worst company ever, ruined our whole stay. Everyone took off 3 whole days off of work to go on this vacation and we were also ready to buy their “ownership” thing, but thank God we didn’t buy anything else from this scam company. I really have no idea how they haven’t been shut down yet reading all these other horrible reviews. I wish I could have given them 0 stars. Save your money and just get a nice hotel for probably less than $199, trust me it’s all a scam, don’t let them talk you into it like we were.

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