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    Rodney W.

    BlueGreen Vacations Timeshare Scam Warning!!!

    Disclosure: Results my vary, as this is my personal experience only.

    My video review on the BlueGreen Vacation Timeshare Scam.

    I paid $150.00 to Bluegreen Vacations at the mall last year. I was told I would receive a 3 night stay at a nice resort, and a 4 night cruise with Carnival (Sound Familiar)? My job was to complete a 2 hour timeshare tour on the second day of my resort stay, and after completing, I would receive a 4 night cruise voucher. We drove 2 hours from Orlando, FL to St. Petersburg, FL to stay at the Bilmar Beach Resort.

    We were suppose to stay from Sunday to Wednesday, but ended up coming in a day early on Saturday (4 nights). We were told on the phone it would be an upgrade of half off for that night (about $75) but when we got their, the hotel staff made us call Bluegreen to confirm this in writing and fax over the paperwork. Bluegreen contacted them, and sent them a conformation number. We were given the hotel key for our 4 night stay.

    BlueGreen then calls my phone telling me to authorize the room for $159 (more than the cost of the room), then after arguing dropped it to $143 (the same cost of the room) with a $25 Visa gift card coming in the mail to me (I already got that when I signed up). What happened to half off? By the way, we also had to pay $107 in resort taxes and fees for the 4 nights.

    I decided to call BlueGreen and discuss the true cost of the 4 night cruise before attending the Timeshare tour. She told me it would be a total of $373.00 which included taxes and port fees, plus $96 in tips ($12 per day, per guest, per night). Thats a total of $469.00!!! We left the resort, drove back to Orlando, and just enjoyed the rest of our day.


    COST FOR THE RESORT STAY: $250.00 ($178.50)

    COST FOR THE CRUISE: $469.00

    TOTAL COST: $869.00

    Glad we did not fall for this all the way and pay for the cruise! Get this. I called Carnival directly, and she said for the exact same thing, I would pay $517.00 directly through them, and the taxes, port fees, and tips would only be $292.00, yet with BlueGreen, they are making me pay $469.00 for the exact same thing.

    I rest my case.

    R P.

    Freebies to attend any timeshare presentation are not worth one’s time …. they are there only to snag you into buying and they can go on for hours …. a lesson learned by you.

    Albert S.

    Is a scam

    Lance C.

    What is a scam? Keep in mind you are replying to a post from three years ago.

    There are a number of scams out there that are timeshare-related.

    Gena A.

    Still don’t get where the “scam” is in all this.

    First, the resorts are beautiful and I’ve stayed at one.

    Second, I was offered a MasterCard of $150 not a cruise.

    Third, there are people who have been owners for years that continue enjoying their vacations.

    Fourth, you got something for your money and time.

    It may feel like a scam just like if you go to the mall and buy a pair of shoes that you later find are almost half the cost online. But, get over it and move on. Timeshare is a way people can own a vacation home without having to actually pay the cost of a second full mortgage.

    Tresa S.

    NO!! It is a scam, when you are told you will be staying at nice resort. We made our reservations, they called to confirm our stay at a Comfort Inn miles down the road from the resort. The only amenities the Comfort Inn had to offer was a parking lot view, and a broke down swing set plus we would have to pay the taxes of $176.00 for the 3 nights. The regular Comfort Inn price was only $76.00 a night and my husband is ex military so we could get a discount off of that price making the total cost with tax $186.57. Now they already received $200.00 from us, what is the benefit to do this if we do not get to stay there. OH Wait! Then we were offered to stay at the resort for another $290.00 plus taxes. Seriously! I am expected to travel 9 hours to check out a your resort but stay in a parking lot hotel!! I am sure hundreds of people do not use their $200.00 package after finding out all the charges, so they are making a killing off people for nothing, a TOTAL SCAM. By the way this just happened today July 18, 2018 not a three year old post. Believe me I will be sharing this information with everyone and every time I see them at any mall/store. If they do not get their money from people they are ripping off in the malls then they will have to get it from their time share holders, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!!!

    Stefanie A.

    We just got back from a wonderful vacation in Lincoln, NH. This company was wonderful. We definitely didn’t stay in a Comfort Inn! We paid $199.00 at Bass Pro Shop, received a $100 g/c immediately. Spent 3 nights, and 4 days at Riverwalk Resort in Lincoln, NH. We paid $37.00 in tax. Went to a 1 hour presentation, and after the presentation, we received another $125.00 in g/c to Bass Pro. It was worth it for us because my husband spends money at Bass Pro all the time. Bluegreen Vacations employees were great! Of course that’s expected, they’re trying to sell. We had zero problems. Now as far as the actually timeshare is concerned, I do not have any experience with that, yet!

    Melanie R.

    I booked the St Petersburg, FL location thinking it would be on the beach(as shown on their website). I received a letter confirming my stay would be at a 2 star Comfort Inn & Suites, also with a parking lot view, far from the beach! I called one of their vacation specialists to be moved to another hotel. Oh it absolutely can be done for an additional charge. Umm… no, thanks. I live close enough to the area to show up just for the cruise certificate but I don’t know if it’s even worth it at this point. Disappointing, to say the least.

    Andrew A.

    t definitely is a scam. They used a sweepstakes to win a brand new Camaro at an outlet mall by my house as a way to get people to by their vacation plans. They called me up and told me I was one out of 50 people nationwide that won a VIP vacation package for a 4 day cruise for only $248. The guy told me that I only had a few minutes to decide if I want to pay for it, and when I told him that it sounded sketchy, he told me he would drop the price to $198, but since it’s a VIP package, if I hung up then I would lose my offer. I asked him if everyone else gets a call for the “VIP” vacation package, and he told me no that only 50 people in the U.S. are getting this offer. However, when I filled out the raffle ticket to win the car, my girlfriend was with me and she filled one out, too… so I told the guy I didn’t want the package and hung up, and literally 5 minutes later, my girlfriend got a call for the same VIP package.

    If only 50 people in America got offered the VIP package, what are the chances that both me and my girlfriend would be selected for it? Lol. We must be the luckiest couple in the world to both win the VIP vacation package.

    If you really want a timeshare, just take your time to do the research, visit different seminars, and really ask around about them. Don’t get talked into buying one by someone on the phone. Treat buying a timeshare the same you would treat buying a home. Depending on your timeshare plan and how often you use it, your timeshare will be like your second home.

    Jodie L.

    It sounds like you had the same deal as we did except we paid less than $30 at the Comfort Inn. We were told that it would be at a resort also then found out after we booked that it would be at the Comfort Inn. I would also like to say, even though we were disappointed that we would have to pay to upgrade to the actual resort, everyone at Comfort Inn was very nice. We paid the $199 at the first encounter plus $30 at hotel. We received in return, two $75 gift cards and one $25 gift card. So for the weekend, we paid less than $55. Three nights. The cruise was explained beforehand as far as the port fees and taxes. We knew that this would be approximately $400 for two of us. We also knew that it was a category 1A cabin and that we would have the option of upgrading. Our biggest disappointment was when trying to book the cruise, I was told that they didn’t honor the free 1A out of Tampa, even though we were told several times that we could sail out of any port. Even the folder that they put the certificate in, shows Tampa as a port. However, they did accept the certificate for a discount and it was less than $200 to upgrade. Total was a little over $600 for a five day cruise. I did a mock booking on Carnival for the exact same cabin and it would cost over $900. So we are actually paying a little over $200 for the cabin. The rest we would have to pay anyway and we do cruise a lot so for us, it is a discount. I’m still trying to figure out the amount they charged you at Comfort Inn. We were there this last week of June, this year, 2018. Unless it was a Comfort Inn that was a luxury resort, the “require resort fees/taxes” should never add up to that amount.

    Denise S.

    Hello, I am just adding my experience. I was in Bass Pro with my husband and was approached regarding a vacation. I thought, this is just a scam, but I did want to listen. This is what we were offered and told. A 3 night stay in a Choice Hotel in New Orleans, $75 (total, $50 now & $25 later) & a cruise certificate for a 3-5 night cruise. This is what we got, this far, a 3 night stay in a Choice Hotel in New Orleans, $75 (total, $50 now & $25 later) & a cruise certificate for a 3-5 night cruise. Additional comments, we were told, up front, we would have to go thru a sales presentation in order to get this discount, and that we were responsible for tax and parking (if applicable and if you know downtown New Orleans, parking is always applicable). Furthermore, we were told that we needed to pay for the taxes with a major credit card & when we called to confirm the hotel stay, we were told exactly how much the taxes were. There was nothing, in anyway, that was misleading or misconstrued about what we were being offered. Regarding the sales pitch, I’ll be honest here, it is a bit expensive… but that’s not what got me to walk away. What didn’t like abput this whole experience#: I would say that I see the value of it, but there’s no way we’re going to put (at minimum) $13K on the table (financed or not) without thinking about it. We turned them down and stated it would be a year before we would be able to commit to something like this. They offered us a sample package. Less than $900….with some workable, but substantial, limits. Now, we agreed to this…I was told this package was not based on credit, I was very clear about this because I know my husband has much better credit than myself and, if it was, it would be much better to keep me off this whole thing and I’ll be his guest, but they ran an inquiry anyway… and next thing you know, that $900 entry level program is not available to us… they wanted us to get this package with a few more points, and, as far as I can tell, the same restrictions, but for $3500. We said that if we can’t get the $900 deal, we would walk. They said they could do that and we walked away…with our $25 gift certificate and cruise certificate. I have to wait 90 days to book the cruise, so we’ll see how that goes! Oh, they originally, didn’t have any available rooms (based on the website), so I called them back to rebook the vacation. They originally gave me a location across the river, but I called them back and they rebooked me at a very nice hotel. I did run the numbers, this same weekend would have cost me $500 just for the hotel, plus parking… so I’m pleased with that…

    Dawn A.

    Hi, just wondering when you took your vacation & what they’re is to do there? We just purchased this & were thinking of going to NH as well.. Thanks! 🙂

    Kia T.

    I used to work for blue green. Had no idea it was a scam. I decided to do some research on it because I’m planning a Cruise now. I found out they raised the pay and they lose so many people so often because no one can met the sales quota and other people just can’t stand to bother people all of the time. My grandparents owned a time share and my dad used to take me on trips like this all of the time but they weren’t with blue green. Plus all of the hidden fees, which they don’t tell employees about. Everyone I worked with while I was there quiet or was fired,The entire staff. I was really excited about the free cruise myself. Now I feel bad for staying as long as I did, but I was young right out of high school and never planed a vacation on my own.its great to know that you can get a cruise for the same price and not have to go thru the harassment of the sale pitch.

    Jesse B.

    Yes it is a scam in that they do not deliver on what they promise to get you buy into the package. I could not even get an idea of what cabin we would be in. They said we wouldn’t know until we arrived there at the welcome center…really?! So how can anyone plan a trip around not even knowing lodging info, location, pictures, anything? I asked them to call and friggin lock one down for us and then call us with a confirmation…nope, they wouldn’t do that. I asked what it is they do there in that call center other than book vacations…they said nothing else except for answer questions about the timeshare experience. So, I say if I cannot get what was promised upon purchasing the package and my money is non-refundable…IT…IS…A…SCAM! I told them to shove it and that I would reflect my experience online. If you want a vacation cabin, or anything else, just book it with a credible private owner folks. Pay the extra and you will thank yourself for it. Moreover, this was purchased in a BASS PRO SHOPS, so I’m doubly pissed.

    Michiel W.

    Wow, what a disappointment. Thought this type business would operate with some integrity. I purchased a package to visit and listen to what they have to offer. The lure was a 3,4 or 5 day cruise certificate. I purchased this from Bass Pro Shops (Shame on them too) and was told without a doubt that the promotional cruise included the Port of Galveston and it is even listed on the brochure. After the presentation I call to check my options and guess what they don’t do promotions out of Galveston as a matter of fact there are 4 out of the 9 ports listed in the brochure they don’t do promotions out of. Can you says FALSE AND MISLEADING ADVERTISING! What a joke, Never again and anyone I can tell I will tell them to stay away. If they are this misleading in trying to get me to purchase their product I can only imagine how difficult they will be after a purchase. Don’t WALK but RUN away!!!

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