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    Sand W.

    We own through RCI and recently switched over to the points system. We used to own a week in Vegas and now have 122,000 points. I’m wondering how the airfare thing works. For example, I was under the impression that if we wanted 2 airline tickets we could apply some points to one ticket and some points to the other and then pay the difference. When I called yesterday, the guy (who was kind of rude) said we only had enough to cover one whole ticket (which I knew) and that we couldn’t use the remainder of our points toward the 2nd ticket. That didn’t seem right to me. Anyone have any experience with this?

    Tracey S.

    If you have a standard rci membership you can only use 1/3 of your annual points with points partners- airfare, car rental, hotel, attraction tickets, etc. This is on a calendar basis. So in your case 40,666. If you have paid to upgrade to RCI platinum you can use 1/2 of your annual points with points partners- so 61,000 if you have an rci platinum account.

    So regardless you can’t use 100% of your annual points toward things like airfare.

    Kim G.

    I found dealing with RCI’s partner companies i.e. hotel and airfare, cruises, just hardcore sell you, and seem to be almost nothing to do with RCI. If someone’s gotten a good deal on cruises using partial points, I would love to hear about it, as we have always just used and have gotten seemingly better deals. When trying to book hotel room through RCI’s affiliates, not a good deal at all, expensive and had to use lots of points in addition to nightly fee.

    Using RCI annual points on the website to go to different travel places is the best value for usage of points that I have found. I also take full advantage of the last minute vacations for $200-300 for the week using zero points is awesome, and no exchange fee.

    Also often they often offer discounts on exchange weeks, half price points, example, we got spent a week in Hollywood Beach Tower, Jan 19-26th/2019, on the beach by Miami on a couple mile long boardwalk with restaurants/stores/bars, ocean front, for 7,500 points, regular 14,500, plus the exchange fee of $239.00 so including how much we originally paid for the points, the week only cost us $379 US including tax and no resort, or parking fees.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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